MAHESWAR FITNESS Body Armour includes wide range of training packages that can turn your fitness passion into successful career. We are offering you :

  • Basic Personal Training (NPR 35000/-)
  • Daily Basis Fitness Training (NPR 1000/-)
  • Fitness Consultation (NPR 3000/- per day charge)
  • Online Training (NPR 3000/- for 2HRS, 30Days Out NPR 25000/- for 52HRS)
  • 30 Days Out Personal Training Session (NPR 20000/-)
  • 90 Days Out Personal Training Session (NPR 40000/-)

How these training can help you?
》Extra motivation to help stay on track
》Develop a routine that you can stick to long term
》Proper technique; safe training & perfect nutritional plan
》Personalise & effective training in every workout
》Helps to result for proper mass gaining & toning
》&, ofcourse…FASTER RESULTS!



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